Monday, July 5, 2010

Comixo Weekly prototype is now released!

Your best comic feed, Comixo Weekly prototype is now released! Click and read!

This is a brand new online magazine created by Comixo Studio, it is totally free! The contents included are Celestial Destroyer Online, Freak Zone, Comi Troopers, Horoscope Comics and so on. This e-magazine is meant to allow you browse through and enjoy Comixo's titles without a fuss!

Why you should not miss Comixo Weekly? These are the facts:

-It is totally free, but the quality is top-notch-- Ever since Celestial Destroyer Online serialized in the website, its quality enhanced the readers grow in a daily basis!

-Different types of contents to indulge the appetites of different readers-- You can read Celestial Destroyer for adventure, Comi Troopers for laughter and Horoscope comic for a little romance!

-Weekly updated, a wide variety, unexpected surprise guaranteed-- The contents are uploaded in a weekly basis, you will find fresh contents every week!

-Easy access, you just need to click-- We have a very convenient viewing system that makes reading easier than ever.

-Something for comic goers to share within communities-- If sharing is part of your social activity, then you are at the right weekly e-magazine!

*The comics in Comixo Weekly are updated one week earlier than the comics in their respective section.

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Anonymous said...

ben!! nape majalh powder tu stop??? nape tak pernah jumpa karya ben dekat gampak satrz lagi?? btw, u are awesome, ben!!!