Friday, March 20, 2009

Hey guys

Hey there guys, it is another weekend coming, so tired but not stopping me to produce my work, hehe, Comixo English website is currently released, have you guys visited the website?

Our Comixo Chinese website was well responded and I hope you guys can support our English website as well. Recently, my team and me are still rushing for the Celestial Destroyer comic book. We worked overtime to make sure this comic book can be finished soon as possible. This is due to I received voices demanding Celestial Destroyer comic book. Don't worry, guys, we are at our limit in order to deliver you guys our first Comixo comic book creation.

Please show us more support by visiting our websites as often and possible! Your every single click shows support to us, and makes us hasten our pace in this comic producing journey!

Besides of this, currently Comixo has accepted another project titled Wang Chao War, which is actually another online strategy game. We actually provide arts and writings for this game, but things are still at start, so keep your eyes on our website for more updates regarding this project. Comixo is actually looking forward to explore more on this project, since this is something fresh aside from our two main comics on the website. I believe some character art from Wang Chao War will be released within next two weeks.

Wish you guys a very good weekend!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Comixo English Website On-Air

Hey guys, I have a good news for you, the English Comixo Website is accessible now!!! Haha, finally... finally it is done! I bet you guys will feel relieved with such convenience. As I know, there are some of my supporters who does not understand mandarin, so if you wanna show your support, feel free to go to our English website!

However, this website is still very much incomplete in comparison of the Chinese version. But do not worry about this, because we will keep on updating our stuff there.

It has been a week I didn't write, now is another Friday, time really flies so so so fast, but still lots lots lots things to do! I feel relieved a bit to see the English website running, due to I have been discussing this issue among Comixo members. I just hope one day the English website will catch up the pace of the Chinese website. Of course, most importantly you guys keep on supporting us!

Now, I think I have to head back to work again, sometimes really lack of quality sleep, but I really wanted to present superb stuff to you all, so I think my current routine would not see much change. The most important thing now is I want to release the Zhu Xian(Celestial Destroyer) comic book! Although it will be the Chinese version first to release, but if this book goes well in the market, I can guarantee the English version will follow!

Okay, that's all for this time, hope you guys have a great weekend! Enjoy yourselves and remember to browse through Comixo websites!!

Hey guys, I have an announcement here, from now on, you guys can leave message in our Comixo website! We have released message box on our website. Have a look ya!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Another weekend

Phew... It is Friday again, time seems to be flying too fast ahead. Whenever I look at my watch, I feel some unseemly pressure... Gosh... too many things yet to be done.

However, tomorrow is Saturday, for me still the same, as rush as usual, but, I do hope you guys out there could have fun with your weekend. You know, after a week of labor, you really need appropriate pastime to recharge yourself. So, where will you be going? Clubbing? Sports? Games?

I think for me, I might choose music as a weekend pastime, haha, I have passion in musics actually, maybe someday in the future, you might be seeing Comixo producing music. I am not kidding, haha, we seriously hope to involve in some music stuff, but not for the time being of course. But I truly believe it feels fascinating if you could compose your own music, believe me, you will get intoxicated in making musics provided you really have passion in music.

Haha, i think anything will do, but if you have nothing in mind, I have one superb suggestion, which is... visit Comixo website and browse through all the comics and articles, haha. You know, this is what Comixo serves in purpose, to get rid all of your boredom.

In order to satisfy you guys, I have to work with every single piece of my muscle to provide more and more content. Tired, but I feel happy to see positive response from readers, hehe, and this keeps me moving on!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hectic! Hectic! Hectic!

Heyo guys, how are you guys doing there?

Gosh, things have really gone hectic, hectic and hectic here!! Too many things ongoing for Comixo Studio. And well, the utmost important thing for us now is to release a Zhu Xian graphic novel! Good news right?

However, again, we are still undergoing a series of stages before we could really make this thing arrive on the shelves of bookstores next to you. I, myself is looking forward for this dream to happen, as some of my supporters know, it has been some time I haven't release comic books. So if Zhu Xian comic book happens to be released, it would be a great reunion for me and you readers. Anyway, this book is not just about me, it is our very first shot for Comixo Studio.All these months, all our efforts, you will see it all in this book.

Now I really hope things go smooth, the lesser the problems, the earlier we could make our comic book step into major bookstores in Malaysia. Then, we might market it to overseas, so supporters from all over the world could grab this chance to support us. That is right, we are aiming for a global release for our Comixo comic book debut.

Well, that is for now, I have to get back to keep things going, hope you guys would visit our website more often and continuing to be our support ya! Keep an eye on the updates at our site! See you guys again and take care!