Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year

I have wished everyone happy new year earlier, but this time what I want to wish is Happy Chinese New Year! Haha... it is a little bit early due to I will not be around during the festival.

Well, I think I did not talk about Comixo and my new year resolution during the earlier new year blog, so I would like to shout it out along the upcoming Chinese New Year. Our first shot will be the first volume of Zhu Xian comic. I believe fans out there have been looking forward for our release of the comic. Please keep an eye on us, we will make this comic a masterpiece, a must-collect comic book to be included in your collections. I strongly believe our effort will pay off, Zhu Xian comic will be the point we set off for a higher level of Malaysian comics!

Nevertheless, compiling Zhu Xian comic is not our only mission, we are also preparing contents for another comic titled Forever Gardener. This comic falls under the romance genre. Well, it is going to be one of those book that make you shed tears,you will recall the heart throb moments of love. Another ongoing mission for Comixo is Komi Troopers.

In this year, our comedy mascot Komi will continue to bring you guys continuous laughters and joy. This weird little green puppy surely knows how to click on humor. If you want to show him some support, what you need to do is log on to our website everyday!

By the way, the economy is down sloping, plus this year is the cow year, does that mean we have to work like a cow? Hahah, whatever, I hope at least Comixo can rumble to success like a mad cow this year.

Comixo and I deeply wish everybody a prosperous cow year!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hello everyone~

Chinese new year is coming, I have started to smell the festival~ haha, I wonder how many ang pao I could get, haha~

Hey there Hikari chan, Aki ,iYuz, A3Va, Ryo and Oji-chan, thanks for the wishes and support. Well, I think I have some answers to give out here.

First, about Comixo's english site, it is still under development, but definitely we will launch it within this year! I will let you guys know when we have an exact release date for it. And for downloading wallpapers and so on, well, we are still dealing with this session of the website. If you browse properly, there is a download service on the left side of our website. However, we are still trying to sort things out, to prepare better contents for you all to download.

Hah, Aki chan you went to support for on the event, thanks~ Hikari chan, may you do your best for your dream as a comic artist. I could say it is really a tough path to go through. You really have to dedicate a lot of time and effort in this path. Just keep going and do not give up!

If you guys have any opinions just let me know, I believe your suggestions are useful to us. Comixo will be better and better!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Comixo at gamex

Hey guys, here is a bulletin regarding Comixo in collaboration of Gamex event in Melacca. GAMEX exhibition is an acronym for Gaming, Anime (animation), Manga (Japanese Comic) Exhibition which is produced and managed by Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall.

I heard that the reason for that name is to let people know that the event is an enjoyable and exciting event which covers three categories including Game, Anime and Manga (comics). Hence, as an online comic portal, I lead Comixo studio to show our faces there. You could find a lot of game and manga anime related stuff there. So, for Comixo's case, we have brought a lot of our creations there. Well, mainly to serve as an advertisement for the Zhu Xian comic.

As a credit to all fans out there, we had given out Zhu Xian posters with some of them exclusively signed by me. It is really happy to see familiar and unfamiliar supporters there, most of them are timid but friendly.

Another important thing is that this event is a milestone for Comixo, because it is our very first involvement in such an event. This will be the point where people get to connect with Comixo!Hope to see you guys in more upcoming events!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Check this out! Comixo T-shirts!

Hey yo guys, check this out, Comixo has created some t-shirt designs. I personally would like to wear one, what about you?

Basically there are only 2 different t-shirt designs, the first one is based on Zhu Xian comic characters, the second one based on our lovely mascot, Komi. Both the t-shirts are in very different styles. The Zhu Xian one has an attractive illustration on it. It contains strong sense of comic feel. You could feel the power, dont you? haha. The Komi one is graphically simplified. However, I like its freshy look, feels really comfy~

This t-shirt thingy is still on going before production. But I do hope to touch and wear the real things sooooon!!!

Check out more at

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Hoho~ Happy New Year to everyone.

I have wished everyone happy new year during christmas, now I am wishing everyone new year again~This time is the real new year. A time where we say bye bye to 2008. Haha!

So how was your 2008? Great? Memorable? Well, my 2008 was hectic and busy. This is due to putting all my effort into Comixo Studio. Nevertheless, the process has been enjoying and made myself contented. I believe one day all my team and mine efforts will blossom into a fruitful result. Of course, still the utmost important thing is the support from you,you and you.

So what you guys out there have in mind for 2009's new year resolution? Plans? Dreams? For me again, it is still Comixo! This is everything in my mind. Make it cooler, shinier, and better!

It is not easy for the path I have chosen, but I have strong faith in it. Comic is my life and I bring comic to life vice versa. And this has always been the motto ever since i started Comixo. Stay tuned for Comixo 2009 ya, we will do our best for all readers cum supporters.

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