Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Loving Season

Hey you guys! How was Valentine's celebration? Did everything go smooth? Have you created any sweet memories during that lovely day? Or... did your love declaration work as expected? I hope no matter how the outcome might be, just use your heart to feel the love, and bear in mind, love belongs to the person who give not the person who receives~~

Well, my Valentine was just normal, just recalled some memories somehow in my mind. Haha, I have to spontaneously get myself back to work everyday, so nothing much for that day. Guys, saw the picture above? This is my Valentine's present for all of you, hope you guys like it! Looks familiar? Haha, you know sooner or later what the heck Forever Gardener is, follow our updates ya~~

So, are you guys still drowning yourself in the loving season? Or back to reality? haha, sorry, sounds harsh ya. But I believe if you seriously love your couple, you do not have to wait for festivals to show it, just show it to him or she now, all the moments both of you have for now can be mesmerizing, can be touching, all depends on the deed you choose to do! So what are you waiting for, tell your lover now that you love him, saying love is never too much, you just have to learn to say it, haha!

Alright, gotta continue my tasks, recently Comixo Studio will be producing something great, it is more like a product, well, can't reveal too much yet, hehe, save it for the next coming, haha,enjoy the loving season~~~love love love~~~

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cupid Cupid Love

Heyo guys! Finally, finally, finally! Tomorrow is our lovely Valentine's day, what do you guys have in mind? Have you booked for Valentine's dinner in those restaurants with romantic atmosphere? You know, those with din light and candle sticks, haha!

I would be cleaning my ears to listen to your stories, which I believed could have given me inspirations~hehe! Love is such an eternal topic, there are millions of love stories in this world, and more are to come day after day. Love gives us so many thoughts, that is why I like to involve myself with comics that fall into the romance genre. Love is such a feel, that you have to combine altogether visual and words to express it!! And, love is truly "more than words"(one of my favorite songs)~

I think there are many people questioning how my Valentine would be, well, I will keep it for now, haha. But as all of you know, I am such a lovely and romantic person, right? Haha, please no eggs or shoes! Let me give you a cutie little puppy cupid, Kemi~~ Plus! Words of wisdom from him~~

Keep an eye on Comixo Studio ya, guys, if you guys had noticed our news, there is one romance comic going to surface in our website. Not much I could disclose about it for now, just keep an eye on us, will ya?

Anyway, again, I have to get my a** back to work, it just February on my calendar, but I definitely feel this year is a hectic year, so meet you guys another time~ Happy Valentine's Day~

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Hey guys, guess what, it is valentine again!! How will you guys celebrate it? Any place that you will bring your love ones to? I bet it will be a memorable day. For me, again, I have to continue my stuff in Comixo Studio.

However, I would control myself not to envy lovely couples in this world because I have to work while people are flying happily like bird couples. May couples out there love your lover double or triple more during Valentine's Day. Make them feel worth having this precious relationship!

For single and available buddies out there, maybe this could be a day u declare your love to the person you love. Bear in mind, if you love somebody, you must shout it out! Don't swallow all your words into your stomach, throw them out instead. Otherwise, the person who is(or might be) waiting for you will be disappointed. They never know how you feel if you do not tell them. Yup, this is why Valentine's Day exists. We must confess our feeeeeeelings!!

By the way, hereby I post another Bulletin regarding the upcoming comic which will appear on Comixo's website titled Forever Gardener. Well, this is definitely going to be a heart throbbing tears driving story, haha. I guessed people who followed my comics for a while might find the female character familiar, hehe, I will not disclose her identity for now anyway. Please keep up with for more information ya~

Anyway, wish u guys early Valentine's day first, if I managed to recall any stories regarding Valentine's day I will let you guys know~haha~ Hope you guys sweetly spend that day, anyway, I would also be willing to listen your stories.