Thursday, January 8, 2009

Check this out! Comixo T-shirts!

Hey yo guys, check this out, Comixo has created some t-shirt designs. I personally would like to wear one, what about you?

Basically there are only 2 different t-shirt designs, the first one is based on Zhu Xian comic characters, the second one based on our lovely mascot, Komi. Both the t-shirts are in very different styles. The Zhu Xian one has an attractive illustration on it. It contains strong sense of comic feel. You could feel the power, dont you? haha. The Komi one is graphically simplified. However, I like its freshy look, feels really comfy~

This t-shirt thingy is still on going before production. But I do hope to touch and wear the real things sooooon!!!

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