Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Hoho~ Happy New Year to everyone.

I have wished everyone happy new year during christmas, now I am wishing everyone new year again~This time is the real new year. A time where we say bye bye to 2008. Haha!

So how was your 2008? Great? Memorable? Well, my 2008 was hectic and busy. This is due to putting all my effort into Comixo Studio. Nevertheless, the process has been enjoying and made myself contented. I believe one day all my team and mine efforts will blossom into a fruitful result. Of course, still the utmost important thing is the support from you,you and you.

So what you guys out there have in mind for 2009's new year resolution? Plans? Dreams? For me again, it is still Comixo! This is everything in my mind. Make it cooler, shinier, and better!

It is not easy for the path I have chosen, but I have strong faith in it. Comic is my life and I bring comic to life vice versa. And this has always been the motto ever since i started Comixo. Stay tuned for Comixo 2009 ya, we will do our best for all readers cum supporters.

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