Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hello everyone~

Chinese new year is coming, I have started to smell the festival~ haha, I wonder how many ang pao I could get, haha~

Hey there Hikari chan, Aki ,iYuz, A3Va, Ryo and Oji-chan, thanks for the wishes and support. Well, I think I have some answers to give out here.

First, about Comixo's english site, it is still under development, but definitely we will launch it within this year! I will let you guys know when we have an exact release date for it. And for downloading wallpapers and so on, well, we are still dealing with this session of the website. If you browse properly, there is a download service on the left side of our website. However, we are still trying to sort things out, to prepare better contents for you all to download.

Hah, Aki chan you went to support for on the event, thanks~ Hikari chan, may you do your best for your dream as a comic artist. I could say it is really a tough path to go through. You really have to dedicate a lot of time and effort in this path. Just keep going and do not give up!

If you guys have any opinions just let me know, I believe your suggestions are useful to us. Comixo will be better and better!

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