Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year

I have wished everyone happy new year earlier, but this time what I want to wish is Happy Chinese New Year! Haha... it is a little bit early due to I will not be around during the festival.

Well, I think I did not talk about Comixo and my new year resolution during the earlier new year blog, so I would like to shout it out along the upcoming Chinese New Year. Our first shot will be the first volume of Zhu Xian comic. I believe fans out there have been looking forward for our release of the comic. Please keep an eye on us, we will make this comic a masterpiece, a must-collect comic book to be included in your collections. I strongly believe our effort will pay off, Zhu Xian comic will be the point we set off for a higher level of Malaysian comics!

Nevertheless, compiling Zhu Xian comic is not our only mission, we are also preparing contents for another comic titled Forever Gardener. This comic falls under the romance genre. Well, it is going to be one of those book that make you shed tears,you will recall the heart throb moments of love. Another ongoing mission for Comixo is Komi Troopers.

In this year, our comedy mascot Komi will continue to bring you guys continuous laughters and joy. This weird little green puppy surely knows how to click on humor. If you want to show him some support, what you need to do is log on to our website everyday!

By the way, the economy is down sloping, plus this year is the cow year, does that mean we have to work like a cow? Hahah, whatever, I hope at least Comixo can rumble to success like a mad cow this year.

Comixo and I deeply wish everybody a prosperous cow year!

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