Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cupid Cupid Love

Heyo guys! Finally, finally, finally! Tomorrow is our lovely Valentine's day, what do you guys have in mind? Have you booked for Valentine's dinner in those restaurants with romantic atmosphere? You know, those with din light and candle sticks, haha!

I would be cleaning my ears to listen to your stories, which I believed could have given me inspirations~hehe! Love is such an eternal topic, there are millions of love stories in this world, and more are to come day after day. Love gives us so many thoughts, that is why I like to involve myself with comics that fall into the romance genre. Love is such a feel, that you have to combine altogether visual and words to express it!! And, love is truly "more than words"(one of my favorite songs)~

I think there are many people questioning how my Valentine would be, well, I will keep it for now, haha. But as all of you know, I am such a lovely and romantic person, right? Haha, please no eggs or shoes! Let me give you a cutie little puppy cupid, Kemi~~ Plus! Words of wisdom from him~~

Keep an eye on Comixo Studio ya, guys, if you guys had noticed our news, there is one romance comic going to surface in our website. Not much I could disclose about it for now, just keep an eye on us, will ya?

Anyway, again, I have to get my a** back to work, it just February on my calendar, but I definitely feel this year is a hectic year, so meet you guys another time~ Happy Valentine's Day~

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