Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hectic! Hectic! Hectic!

Heyo guys, how are you guys doing there?

Gosh, things have really gone hectic, hectic and hectic here!! Too many things ongoing for Comixo Studio. And well, the utmost important thing for us now is to release a Zhu Xian graphic novel! Good news right?

However, again, we are still undergoing a series of stages before we could really make this thing arrive on the shelves of bookstores next to you. I, myself is looking forward for this dream to happen, as some of my supporters know, it has been some time I haven't release comic books. So if Zhu Xian comic book happens to be released, it would be a great reunion for me and you readers. Anyway, this book is not just about me, it is our very first shot for Comixo Studio.All these months, all our efforts, you will see it all in this book.

Now I really hope things go smooth, the lesser the problems, the earlier we could make our comic book step into major bookstores in Malaysia. Then, we might market it to overseas, so supporters from all over the world could grab this chance to support us. That is right, we are aiming for a global release for our Comixo comic book debut.

Well, that is for now, I have to get back to keep things going, hope you guys would visit our website more often and continuing to be our support ya! Keep an eye on the updates at our site! See you guys again and take care!

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