Friday, March 6, 2009

Another weekend

Phew... It is Friday again, time seems to be flying too fast ahead. Whenever I look at my watch, I feel some unseemly pressure... Gosh... too many things yet to be done.

However, tomorrow is Saturday, for me still the same, as rush as usual, but, I do hope you guys out there could have fun with your weekend. You know, after a week of labor, you really need appropriate pastime to recharge yourself. So, where will you be going? Clubbing? Sports? Games?

I think for me, I might choose music as a weekend pastime, haha, I have passion in musics actually, maybe someday in the future, you might be seeing Comixo producing music. I am not kidding, haha, we seriously hope to involve in some music stuff, but not for the time being of course. But I truly believe it feels fascinating if you could compose your own music, believe me, you will get intoxicated in making musics provided you really have passion in music.

Haha, i think anything will do, but if you have nothing in mind, I have one superb suggestion, which is... visit Comixo website and browse through all the comics and articles, haha. You know, this is what Comixo serves in purpose, to get rid all of your boredom.

In order to satisfy you guys, I have to work with every single piece of my muscle to provide more and more content. Tired, but I feel happy to see positive response from readers, hehe, and this keeps me moving on!

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