Friday, April 3, 2009

Hello there

Hey there guys, it has been a while that I did not write any new posts, kinda miss you guys~~

I have been so busy since early 2009, now we are heading towards mid year, hope things go smooth and right. I might not have much time to respond you guys here ya, but I know you guys have been superbly supportive all these while...Thanks guys!

Seemed like there people asking about the date for any comic book that I release. Well, the answer is yes, I will release new comic book in the market, but will be under the name of Comixo since we work as a team to produce this book. And yes again, the title is Celestial Destroyer.

However, I could not give you guys a confirmed date yet, but I can promise its release is around the corner. Hope you guys can understand ya, and please keep on visiting

Every single visit from you guys will be noticed, and we do not neglect these little visits from you guys, this is because whatever we do now actually depends on your response, so again and again and again, keep on logging on to guys might not see me here often, but to know what is going on about me, just come to our website, most of my life at the moment is pumped into Comixo Studio!

I will attach a Comixo Bulletin here, for more please come to our website ya!

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