Friday, March 20, 2009

Hey guys

Hey there guys, it is another weekend coming, so tired but not stopping me to produce my work, hehe, Comixo English website is currently released, have you guys visited the website?

Our Comixo Chinese website was well responded and I hope you guys can support our English website as well. Recently, my team and me are still rushing for the Celestial Destroyer comic book. We worked overtime to make sure this comic book can be finished soon as possible. This is due to I received voices demanding Celestial Destroyer comic book. Don't worry, guys, we are at our limit in order to deliver you guys our first Comixo comic book creation.

Please show us more support by visiting our websites as often and possible! Your every single click shows support to us, and makes us hasten our pace in this comic producing journey!

Besides of this, currently Comixo has accepted another project titled Wang Chao War, which is actually another online strategy game. We actually provide arts and writings for this game, but things are still at start, so keep your eyes on our website for more updates regarding this project. Comixo is actually looking forward to explore more on this project, since this is something fresh aside from our two main comics on the website. I believe some character art from Wang Chao War will be released within next two weeks.

Wish you guys a very good weekend!!

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