Thursday, March 12, 2009

Comixo English Website On-Air

Hey guys, I have a good news for you, the English Comixo Website is accessible now!!! Haha, finally... finally it is done! I bet you guys will feel relieved with such convenience. As I know, there are some of my supporters who does not understand mandarin, so if you wanna show your support, feel free to go to our English website!

However, this website is still very much incomplete in comparison of the Chinese version. But do not worry about this, because we will keep on updating our stuff there.

It has been a week I didn't write, now is another Friday, time really flies so so so fast, but still lots lots lots things to do! I feel relieved a bit to see the English website running, due to I have been discussing this issue among Comixo members. I just hope one day the English website will catch up the pace of the Chinese website. Of course, most importantly you guys keep on supporting us!

Now, I think I have to head back to work again, sometimes really lack of quality sleep, but I really wanted to present superb stuff to you all, so I think my current routine would not see much change. The most important thing now is I want to release the Zhu Xian(Celestial Destroyer) comic book! Although it will be the Chinese version first to release, but if this book goes well in the market, I can guarantee the English version will follow!

Okay, that's all for this time, hope you guys have a great weekend! Enjoy yourselves and remember to browse through Comixo websites!!

Hey guys, I have an announcement here, from now on, you guys can leave message in our Comixo website! We have released message box on our website. Have a look ya!!

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